15 things to keep in your car during winter

Winter driving means cold cars, icy roads, obstructed vision from inclement weather and perhaps getting stuck in the snow. If you’re going to be doing a lot of driving and traveling this holiday season, ensure that your vehicle is equipped with the right items in case of a breakdown, accident or other emergency. 1. Cell Phone & Charger: If you don’t have a cell phone in today’s connected world, you should at least have an … Continue reading

Threepeat for MBC attorney James McCormick

For three years in a row now, MBC partner James McCormick has been chosen as one of the Top 40 Lawyers under 40 by the American Society of Legal Advocates. The selection process is conducted manually by lawyers and is rigorous. Each candidate is assessed on a variety of information such as, educational accomplishments, involvement in leadership, activities within the community and demonstrated legal achievements. The young attorneys are also measured on their developing success, … Continue reading

MBC attorneys highlighted in Pierce County Bar magazine

Three of our attorneys were given the spotlight in the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association‘s (TPCBA) publication Pierce County Lawyer.  The piece was entitled “Celebrating our Gifts” and was a reminder that attorneys and judges have talents and hobbies outside the workplace. MBC attorney Gemma Zanowski discussed her work with rescue dogs, with which she has been involved in since 2004. She save saves them from death row at kill shelters, fosters them and finds them … Continue reading

Be thankful, be benevolent

  Thanksgiving is upon us, and the launch of the Christmas shopping seasons. If you’re able, don’t forget those less fortunate than yourselves or perhaps donate to a worthy cause. Sometimes it’s hard to choose the right charity to give your hard-earned money; some of them may be less worthy than others, if they’re legit at all. Luckily, there are organizations out there that will do the legwork for you to find just the right … Continue reading

Losing one of our own: celebrating a retirement

On Friday we celebrated the retirement of longtime MBC employee Lesley Brook. The party was held at C.I. Shenanigans restaurant on the beautiful Tacoma waterfront. Partners, fellow employees and friends of Lesley’s were all in attendance to wish her well. Attorney Steve Bulzomi played emcee, while a slideshow in the background displayed Lesley’s various hairstyles from throughout the years. Lesley has been working with founding partner John Messina since 1976. Here is what he has … Continue reading

Hit by the delivery guy: who is liable?

This time of year, seeing a UPS or FedEx truck on the road is a common occurrence.  Drivers delivering packages this time of year are often under a lot of pressure. UPS expects to deliver 585 million packages in December alone while FedEx expects 290 million between Black Friday and Christmas Eve. During the holiday season, delivery drivers will drive hundreds of miles a day. With drivers traveling that many miles and delivering that many … Continue reading

Celebrating our veterans

  Origins The end of the “Great War” (World War I) came on the 11th hour of the 11th day on the 11th month of 1918 when an armistice, or temporary end to the fighting, was called between the Allied nations and Germany.  A year later, President Woodrow Wilson declared November 11th as the first commemorative Armistice Day. He stated:  “To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride … Continue reading

Second chances: should child murderers be set free?

Did you know? There was a time a few years ago that juveniles could be sentenced to death by execution in a court of law. That was declared unconstitutional in 2005, in a case titled Roper v. Simmons. By then 365 children had already been legally executed in the United States. Children could, however, still be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Opponents of life sentences for children under the age … Continue reading

Upon Brittany Maynard’s death the right to die controversary still lingers

A couple weeks ago, we published a blog about Brittany Maynard and her advocacy concerning the right to die with dignity. As many of you have probably read in the news, she ended her life on Saturday, November 1st. As expected, there are numerous articles published all over the internet this week about Maynard. If you read the comments sections of these articles, you’ll also find a number of heated debates as to the ethical … Continue reading

How to get health insurance claims paid

Why do some health insurance claims get rejected? Is it worth looking into? Fighting? The answer is yes. Approximately ten percent of all health insurance claims are unfairly rejected, but less than one percent of people submitting claims question the rejection. The majority of policyholders who do contest their cases either win or improve their request. Bills should not be paid before finding out why claims are denied. Insurance cards have a phone number on … Continue reading