How to get health insurance claims paid

Why do some health insurance claims get rejected? Is it worth looking into? Fighting? The answer is yes. Approximately ten percent of all health insurance claims are unfairly rejected, but less than one percent of people submitting claims question the rejection. The majority of policyholders who do contest their cases either win or improve their request. Bills should not be paid before finding out why claims are denied. Insurance cards have a phone number on … Continue reading

Avoiding injuries and legal claims on Halloween

It’s trick-or-treat time again! Halloween is one of the holidays to produce the most ER visits every year, so as a personal injury law firm that deals accidents and injuries on a daily basis, we thought we’d provide you with some important Halloween safety tips.  Trick-or-treat safety: Children under the age of 12 should always be accompanied by an adult while trick-or-treating. If your older children will be spooking the neighborhood without adult supervision, remind them … Continue reading

The dangers of concussions in youth sports

Fall sports are in full swing, and this time of year we always think it’s a good idea to remind you of the dangers of concussions. Football has always been at the forefront of the concussion discussions, but wrestlers and soccer, lacrosse and basketball players, both boys and girls all suffer concussions as well. What is a concussion? A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI).  They are caused by a blow to … Continue reading

Should terminal patients have the right to die?

Brittany Maynard is not suicidal, nor does she want to die, yet she has chosen for her life to end on November 1, 2014. If you have not followed Ms. Maynard’s story, you’ll not know that she is a 29-year-old newlywed who after a trip to the doctor for headaches, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. You’ll also not know that initially she was given 10 years to live, but following surgery, the cancer … Continue reading

The Walking Ed: using zombies as an educational tool

In a follow up to our zombie apocalypse blog last Thursday, we want to point out that the government isn’t the only organization using zombies as a training tool. It seems a Seattle teacher has found zombies to be a valuable educational device. Finding his students bored with regular old geography, middle school teacher David Hunter decided to lean on the zombie apocalypse, what he calls “zombie-based’ learning (ZBL), to engage his students in the … Continue reading

Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse

The Walking Dead’s new season premiers this weekend, but some people may be taking it a bit too seriously. The State of Kansas’ governor has declared October, “Zombie Preparedness Month.” Think they’ve gone a bit mad over there in the Sunflower State? Maybe not. The idea behind Kansas’ Zombie Preparedness Month is simple, and maybe practical: if you’re prepared for zombies, you’re prepared for anything. Of course, they weren’t the first one to come up … Continue reading

Ebola Quarantine and the Law

When Thomas Eric Duncan was diagnosed as the first confirmed Ebola case in the U.S., officials requested that his girlfriend and her family remain home and not accept visitors until the 21 day incubation period had passed. However, Duncan’s girlfriend, Louise Troh, attempted to leave the apartment and now a confinement order has been issued. She, her child and two nephews are under quarantine as armed guards from the Dallas Police Force are stationed outside … Continue reading

Legalized marijuana and your job?

Medical marijuana has been legalized in many states. Now that recreational smoking has become legal in Washington and Colorado many workers have these questions: Can I get fired for smoking pot even though it’s now legal? The answer is — yes, absolutely. Though the state has legalized recreational marijuana, employers are allowed to regulate or prohibit use in any way (smoking, consumption, possession, etc.) in the workplace. They may also establish guidelines restricting the use … Continue reading

Slip and fall liability: Who is at fault?

Fall is upon us and with it comes the rain, then winter and snow. Ground surfaces will be slippery and icy for the next few months, prime time for slip and fall injuries to occur. Wet and icy surface aren’t the only cause of slip and fall injuries, however. Insufficient lighting, hidden dangers, waxed floors, tattered carpeting, dilapidated staircases, missing stair railings, poorly or improperly placed store displays, cracked pavement or sidewalks can all contribute … Continue reading

MBC participates in United Way’s Day of Caring

Every year MBC has the opportunity to help our community by participating in United Way Pierce County’s Day of Caring. This year our staff assisted the Pierce County AIDS Foundation with their 23rd annual AIDS Walk, which took place last Saturday at Cheney Stadium. Our MBC crew helped unload supplies from the truck and set up the refreshment area for walkers. Others walked the course, drawing arrows and writing inspirational quotes to guide and encourage … Continue reading