Sex crimes on campus and student’s rights under Title IX

Let’s talk about sexual assault for a moment — and Title IX. If you’ve never heard of Title IX, you’re not alone. To give you a little background, Title IX is a law that passed in 1972 that requires gender equity for boys and girls in every educational program that receives federal funding. The most recognized aspect of Title IX concerns athletics. Before Title IX, only 1 in 27 girls played high school sports – typically … Continue reading

7 campus crimes & 20 ways to avoid being a victim

September is Campus Safety Awareness Month and last Thursday on our blog we talked about health issues college students might face. Today we’re going to talk about crime. Universities nationwide make headlines everyday — oftentimes for upsetting reasons. Overuse of alcohol plays a big part in college crimes, ranging from mischief to felonies. Sexual assault is rampant across the country and of course, school shootings haunt our memories for a lifetime. Students heading off to … Continue reading

The cost of a college education: tuition, health and safety.

If you’re the parent of a recent high school graduate, you’re aware of how independent and indestructible they deem themselves to be. You also know the vulnerability that can follow that sense of invincibility. If they’re going away to college, they’re destined to face an entirely new set of problems accompanying that transformed autonomy they’re about to have — that freedom from Mom and Dad. Before sending your child away, and no matter how awkward … Continue reading

Get the school year off to a great start – safely

It’s that time of year again!  Parents are scoring tremendous deals on colored pencils, backpacks and composition notebooks.  Kids can’t wait to learn who their teachers will be and reunite with friends they’ve missed over summer break.  Teachers polish lesson plans and prepare for their new pupils.  Excitement takes wing as the days of summer vacation wind down. But before the kiddos head out for the first day of the 2014-2015 school year there are … Continue reading

Are you responsible if guests drive drunk?

Labor Day weekend is upon us. It’s time to say goodbye to summer. How will you celebrate? Backyard barbecue? Pool party? A little fun in the sun? Whatever you choose, you’ll probably be relaxing with a cold beer, margarita or other refreshing cocktail while in the company of friends. What happens if you’re hosting the party and one of your guests decides to drive after drinking and causes an accident on his or her way … Continue reading

Help kids get school supplies they need

The Pierce County Washington Women Lawyers sponsored their First Annual School Supplies Showdown this past week. Supplies will go to children living at the Tacoma Rescue Mission and the YWCA domestic violence shelter. MBC attorney Gemma Zanowski spearheaded the drive at our office. Staff ended up donating $400 worth of supplies to this very worthy cause. This time of year it’s important to remember that there are some children out there who cannot afford new … Continue reading

Social media and your personal injury claim

Do you love updating your status on Facebook? Posting pictures on Instagram? Microblogging on Twitter and checking in on Foursquare? Many of us do. It’s a way to share and get involved — to connect. What if you have a personal injury claim in the works? Are you over sharing? Could you be sabotaging your case? Quite possibly. If you do have a personal injury claim in the works, there are some things to consider … Continue reading

Music and Art in Wright Park 2014

This Saturday, MBC, along with others, will help sponsor Music and Art in Wright Park, otherwise known as MAWP. MAWP is an annual, complimentary, family friendly music and arts festival.  So, if you’re looking for a fun way to spend a gorgeous Pacific Northwest summer day, come on by Wright Park to hear some music and ogle the wares of local artisans (and perhaps even purchase some).  The event relies solely on donations, fundraisers, volunteers, … Continue reading

Drugging and driving on the rise

Now that marijuana has been legalized in Colorado and Washington, and more states are sure to follow, the government and police forces have been preparing for the rise in “drugging and driving.” Washington State launched an ad campaign that coincided with the opening of marijuana retail stores in July of this year — “Drive High, get a DUI.” While it’s clear that operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs poses a danger to the … Continue reading

Not billing medical insurance in search of greener pockets

In 2009, 6-year-old Sebastian Hizey was critically injured at a monster truck show at the Tacoma Dome. Staff at Mary Bridge Hospital, part of the MultiCare Health System did what they could to save his life — sadly, he died from his injuries. The boy was covered by Medicaid because his father was unemployed at the time of the incident. MultiCare first billed Medicaid, but upon hearing that the Hizey family was filing suit against … Continue reading